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Projects which we writed or maintained.

Betacall 4all

Web application for automatic customer call.

Site allowed by link

The system calls customers by orders. If the customer got through, the call is transferred to the operator and the order opens automatically. The operator only has to confirm the delivery conditions, or cancel the order. With this system, the call center bandwidth has increased 3 times, since operators do not spend time waiting for a connection with the client if it is not responding or is not available. Also, the system makes parallel calls in order to increase the chance of a successful dial-up so that the operator does not waste time in vain.

Стек технологий: Nodejs, MongoDB, React, Socket.io, Asterisk.

Team: 1 Full-stack, 1 Admin IP-phone

Position: Full-stack

calcio napoli

Calcio Napoli

Napoli football club news site.

Designed to deliver high rates of organic traffic on the web. In the first week, we entered the top 20 organic search results, which showed the high efficiency of SEO optimization developed in our company.

The site is available by link

Technology stack: Node.js, TypeScript, React, AMP

Team: 1 developer, 1 content filler

Role: Main developer



Digital platform for reference books, classifiers, collection forms.

The main functionality:

  • Display of data directories on the map
  • Document flow
  • Creation / Editing of directories, forms, classifiers

Technology Stack: Java, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL

Team: 2 analysts, 3 Front-end developer, 4 Buck-end developer, 1 QA

Position: Tim Lead Front End.


Dirty Clean

May the broom be with you!

Logic Match2 puzzle game where the player has to learn all the delights of general cleaning and little more. Litter everything up with rubbish or be a brave connoisseur of cleanliness. Only you decide the fate of small areas of the city. Where each character has their own purpose and fear.

Explore different branches of improvements. Reveal all the chains of character interactions. Complete all missions and levels. Learn Zen in dirty cleaning. May the broom be with you!

You can download game by link

Technology Stack: Unity3d, C#

Team: 1 developer, 1 QA, 1 game-designer

Position: Main Developer




Web application. Analog freshdesk, roadmap. Created under the PushOK brand. The main reason for the implementation of this project is that the analogues do not have multilingualism and text translations on the fly. Implemented functionality:

  1. Integration with freshdesk. Ability to import dialogs via freshdesk api.
  2. Chat - umd module for integration on any site. Through it, you can send feedbacks directly to the glaskameny system.
  3. Admin panel - allows you to view dialogs and create ideas from them
  4. Root panel - allows you to manage projects and users.
  5. Front part - gives everyone the opportunity to view current and completed ideas, you can "clap", "like", view and send comments.

Technology Stack: Nodejs, MongoDB, React, React-Native, Freshdesk.

Team: 1 Full-stack developer, 1 QA

Position: Full-stack developer

new sst


Implemented under the brand name Pvinova

Not a great web service for installing / updating / removing modules in a car. The client can request it from the service, the operator will check, the employee will do it. There is a warehouse service. By warehouse service, you can track the module. The module can be in the car, at the supplier’s warehouse or at the mechanic’s warehouse. Tracking modules is the main reason for creating this project.

Technology stack: Nodejs, MongoDb, MsSql, React, Nextjs.

Team: 1 Full-stack developer, 1 QA

Position: Full-stack developer



Digital analytical platform for collecting information on legal and individual entrepreneurs.

The main functionality:

  • View and edit objects of observation
  • Functional Algorithms
  • Catalogs
  • Selection criteria
  • Metadata

Technology Stack: Java, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL

Team: 2 analysts, 1 Front-end developer, 7 Back-end developers, 1 QA

Position: Tim Lead Front End.




Implemented under the PushOK brand.

Very small off-project. Aggregation of emails. Well, or one input project =).



The project was implemented under the Stays brand. Rent, sale, long-term rental apartments. This project has many domains such as



I worked on this project for 3 years. Main tasks:

  1. Finance - integration with payment systems such as cielo, rede, pagarme. Calculation of apartment prices.
  2. Extranet - integration with booking.com, airbnb, homeaway services.
  3. Support for a centralized system https://stays.cc.

Key technologies: Nodejs, MongoDB, Handlebars, JQuery, RequireJS.

The project has been over 6 years old. They wrote it before me and without me and after me =).

Team: 4 Full-stack developer, 1 designer, 1 QA

Position: Full-stack developer


Studio Context


Ballet School named after Diana Vishneva

Technology Stack: NodeJS, TypeScript, MongoDB, React

Team: 1 Full-stack developer, 1 QA

Position: Full Stack

super gas bras

Super Gas Bras

The project is implemented under the brand Pvinova.

The main objective of the project is to optimize the time of gas filling stations.

Customers can indicate the time for which they want to arrive and the number of cylinders p13 for refueling. Each gas station has its own settings. The site maintains statistics on refilled cylinders, refueling times, and deviations from the norm. For the main screen at the gas station, there is an air panel so that customers are aware of the current state of the gas station.

Technology Stack: Nodejs, Backbone, RequireJS, JQuery, MongoDB

Team: 2 Full-stack developer, 1 QA

Position: Tim Lead




The project is implemented under the brand PushOk

The project aims to manage the time of employees. Off project.

Before the start of the day, you need to indicate what projects you will be involved in and the time you can afford to spend. After you can start the day. During the working day, you must indicate what project you are working on by clicking the Play button. So during the day statistics are accumulated, where you can see how much you planned and how much time you actually spent. After you can finish the day.

Cross-platform (desktop, mobile, web).

Technology Stack: Nodejs, React, Couchdb, Pouchdb, Electron, Phonegap

Team: 1 Full-stack developer

Position: Full-stack developer